Since the presentation of the new style of Beatrix’ and the concept B2THEFUTURE, a lot of new positive developments have been going on around Beatrix’. The B2THEFUTURE product starts to acquire more form and, as the name suggests, hard work is invested for the future.

In order to take the next step we proudly present that after two successful seasons and subsequently two seasons of absence, Beatrix’ Indoor Percussion will return to the floors in the winter of 2017. We are very pleased with this and we can’t wait to start.

With the winter season of 2016 still going, the season of 2017 looks far away. Yet for this reason we would like to make a start with the first (open) trainings in March/April, which will be in the light of the basics. The frequency of trainings will be approximately once a month in the beginning, but they will be effective nonetheless! From the official start of the winter season we will be training more frequently and work our way to the contests.

Further information will be given at the first meeting and/or will be placed on the website. In case you have any questions, you can reach out to Patrick Hennipman.

Are you as enthusiastic as we are and can’t wait to perform under the name of Beatrix (again) during the Indoor Percussion competition? Please contact Patrick Hennipman for further information. Hope to see you soon!

Musical greetings,

The Indoor Percussion Staffteam